Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces

The 12th of April 2022 its a very special day Astrologically because Jupiter & Neptune will be in conjunction in Pisces and this special meeting won’t happen again for another 166 years. This week will be a great opportunity to practise deep meditations & activations and to invite into our hearts and souls the divine healing light and unlimited source energy. The world is going through major shifts and this marks another huge step in the growth and expansion of our collective consciousness and at same time the veil of illusion and separation will be thinner, meaning we will be able to blend and receive spiritual activations, awakenings and experience huge shifts in our lives.

While Jupiter and Neptune meet every 13 years, this particular get together is exceptionally special because these two planets co-rule the sign of Pisces — Jupiter in traditional astrology, and Neptune in modern astrology. This means that they’re both very happy to be there right now, and combined, their energy is incredibly strong, positive, and magical and accelerating.

The energy of this two powerful planets is very intense — so intense, in fact, that it’s the best day of your entire lifetime to practise creative visualisation towards your dreams. Get out that manifestation journal, or just spend the day putting forward the energy you want to receive back from the universe in the future and join us for our live online meditation here to invite stillness, activations and divine guidance towards your life purpose and dreams.

Its important we also take time to practise grounding in order to be safer when receiving healing activations. For that reason live music is a optimal way for healing and to bring forward grounding energy. Our perceptions to other realms and worlds will be wide open, so we I invite you to join us on this live meditation and experience bliss, magic, spiritual activations in a safe and nurturing space.

All things in the spiritual realm can expand, flourish, and grow under this energy. We may even find ourselves exploring new understandings of life beyond life or connections with otherworldly beings.  Under this energy, we may feel the desire to create deeper spiritual connections, and that inner divine flame that lives within may call out to us more and more. Also all creatives will be inspired and invited to take action into bringing beauty and art into the world.

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