Heart Chakra online healing Meditation with KOTE

Welcome to our second live healing transmission with live music from KOTE – Keepers of the Earth, Tuesday 17th May at 20:00 UK time.


Join us live for an online Heart chakra healing & activation with live music, affirmations & mantra.
Astrologically Venus will be in conjunct with Chiron in the 7th house in Aries, this day is incredibly powerful to access the heart and receive healing light & activations into our heart and soul portal. We will be working with your heart chakra in calming and loving way, opening it gently and transmite healing frequencies with the power of our music, singing voice, affirmations and mantra. The Heart is a portal to the soul and many times we block ourselves from receiving all the Love and the Abundance the Universe has in store for us by getting stuck in self sabotage thoughts and toxic patterns that no longer serves.

The intentions with this live transmission is to melt away those defensive walls and fill you up with a powerful and vibrant light, so you move forward feeling more positive, loved and supported by life and the Universe. We will be working with the planetary forces of Venus and Chiron conjuction in Aries.

Venus Keywords:  self worth, self-love, harmony, relationships, partnerships, sensuality, attraction, money, pleasure, compromise, self esteem, seduction.

Chiron keywords: Healer, cleansing, pain, soul’s wound, acceptance, self-consciousness, ancestral pain, self-consciousness, healing gifts, compassion, woundedness, transformation.

Aries: Courage, determination, initiative, fiery, direct, passionate, confident, enthusiastic, active, pioneer.

7th house: intimate relationships, partnerships, contracts, balance – house of LIBRA.


Topic: Heart Chakra Healing Meditation with KOTE
Time: May 17, 2022 09:00 PM Madrid

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Meeting ID: 868 7533 4573
Passcode: 467008

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