Womb Healing in London

Discover my Womb healing in London dedicated to help you awake, heal & transform.

womb healing

Sessions can be online or in person in London

Your wombs is and incredibly powerful cauldron and portal of feminine wisdom and strength.  You can work with your womb to access ancient knowing, wisdom, intuition and bring about healing to yourself and the collective, connect with multi-dimensional energy, manifest your dreams and birth new projects with true authenticity and express your creativity through, books, music, artwork and so much more!

Your womb can also hold onto trauma and wounds that you have picked up along the way and also ancestral trauma from your feminine lineage.

Many of us carry deep, intense grief within our wombs… This could be about intimate relationships void of love; sexual abuse or rape; traumatic experiences related to pregnancy and child birth; miscarriages, abortions or the loss of a child – or ancestral patterns of violence or mistreatment, past life experiences involving the womb, or the centuries-long collective suppression of women and our power. 

I am inviting you to a transformational womb healing session where – in intimate sacred space – you get to connect deeply with and listen to your womb voice and release grief and wounds that it has been carrying for years.

You will be taken on a guided spiritual journey with me during which you will drop deep into womb consciousness, commune with your womb and the grief she holds, and start to release this grief into the sacred, into the safe arms of our Goddess Mother for deep transmutation. I will be helping you clear your most powerful sacred space in order to plant new seeds of hope, strength and creativity. Help you Rise from the Ashes into the Phoenix. This is your moment, the time for sovereignty is NOW.

A “womb healing ceremony” is a ritualistic session that is designed to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in women, particularly in relation to the reproductive system and also men who wish to heal the feminine wound within themselves. These sessions may include various sacred practices and involve spiritual healing and rituals, such as prayer, visualisation, journaling, energy work, and chanting.

Receive a powerful & transformative
Womb healing session to help you manifest:

  • Positive & loving intimate relationships
  • Inspiration & Creativity
  • Fertility & conception
  • Sexual reclamation & self confidence
  • Deep enjoyment of life & spontaneity
  • Speaking your truth with no fear or resistance
  • Unlocking your deepest talents & soul gifts
  • Awaken your powerful intuition
  • Feel elevated & supported by the Divine Feminine
  • Reclaiming your sovereignty and ignite your inner passions

Note: I offer sessions in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Live sessions are held online using Zoom as a platform and have a duration of 90 minutes . Special price €135  (Normal price €165)


Womb Healing sessions with Claudia Aurora


Sian Meeuwsen – UK

’Claudia’s womb healing transmissions are some of the most powerful activations I have experienced. The energy and wisdom channeled through Claudia is phenomenal and I always feel propounding changed and upgraded after the session.
I always look forward to the next one, thank you so much Claudia for delivering this powerful work for us women.

Sian Meeuwsen – UK

Testimonial from Meta Hoarau – Germany
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