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Hello, my name is Claudia Aurora,
I’m an certified astrologer with London School of Astrology, intuitive channel for the Divine Feminine, singer, womb healing ceremonialist, inspirational writer and a mum of a beautiful 5 year old girl called Omara. I have many passions and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to fulfil them. I believe all these life experiences prepared me and led me into the path and work I do now, which is focus on healing, awakening & empowering other fellow humans into finding alignment with their life purpose and let go of conditioning patterns that sabotages their growth. I bring a combination of both my natural intuitive gifts, years of dedicated studies and life experiences to my work.
You can listen to my latest healing song HERE

I’m Portuguese but I’m now based in Barcelona after living in England for 16 years, where I worked as a professional singer, dance teacher, and founded along side my partner Javier Moreno, a successful and award winning business in London, called Café Barcelona (a unique, creative and soulful space for the community in the heart of Streatham, South London).

I decided to embark on this journey in my early twenties because I truly believe in the power and influence of our unique solar system and the universe and how everything is interconnected. We are a microcosm reflection of the macrocosm, and astrology is a powerful tool for self growth and self development. I started studying the mystical world in 2003, including numerology and Human Design System Gene keys for 3 years, but Astrology was always very inspiring and captivating, so I kept going deeper and deeper into my studies. I believe astrology choses you and not the other way around.

As above, so below. Synchronicity plays a powerful and meaningful presence in my life and astrology is a deep and intuitive Art of interpretation and symbolism that reflects the power of the Universal force and higher consciousness on our daily lives.

Here’s a little brief story about myself and how I came to develop this Art
As a teenager I have always been fascinated by Astrology and mysticism and healing arts, but it was after receiving a birth chart reading with a professional astrologer back in 2002 in Cornwall, England, that a call awoke inside of me, and I immediately knew I wanted to learn more about this amazing art and discover how my chart was so accurate at describing my drives, passions, challenges and personality traits, amongst many other very intimate and personal sides of my life. I was 24 years old then, so I spend the next 17 years studying Astrology from as many books and information as I could gather. I participated in several workshops and seminars, and I’ve been studying at London School of Astrology since 2012 with classes and seminars led by world renowned astrologers like Frank Clifford, Sue Tompkins, Faye Cossar and many others and I now hold my accredited astrology certificate.

I actively participate in numerous webinars to further my knowledge and improve my skills. I started giving one to one readings in 2013, and soon realised I could help others to have a better insight of their own potential, helping them on their development both on a personal and professional level. Astrology is not a divination about the future or destinations, but rather a road map of choices that shows your best options, unique gifts and talents as well your challenges and how to find an outlet to transmute and integrate them. To be an astrologer requires great responsibility, experience, empathy, intuition, imagination and great insight because it has the power to change a persons life.

I invite you to embark on this journey with me and discover a world about yourself and others around you. Prepared to be amazed, uplifted, empowered & inspired.

My approach consist in the combination of an in-depth birth chart study (for what I need an accurate date, time and place of birth) a forecast, and I also add numerology and my intuition to guide me on the reading.

I offer readings in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Now, hold my hand and discover what the Universe has to tell you about your soul essence…

Please visit my pages with my services! Birth Chart. Goddess Astrology. Children Birth chart Healing with Aurora

“I absolutely loved my session with Claudia.
Throughout my whole chart and her reading I felt like she
knew me inside out.
Everything was super aligned and totally on point.”

— Sarah Flynn, UK Leaders of Light Healer & Priestess

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