Children’s Birth chart

A special and unique gift for newborns or children of any age.


Explore the potencial of your little human. Discover their talents, virtues, personality traits and much more for encouragement & development

Looking for something different to gift your little one?

Children are the future, the hope and bliss in this world.

The natal chart is a wonderful and majestic tool for self discovery at any age, but for a young person it can become a fundamental source of information to help with their development. For parents to become conscious of their child talents, skills, stage of developments, emotional needs and fears from a young age can be very rewarding and helpful.

Special offer 150 120.
(I will also include a beautiful & unique personalised A3 Astrology design poster with your child birth chart, please look example above)

Once you understand the true nature of a child, what, where and when to encourage them in their journey, life can become a little easier. As the old saying “It takes a village to raise a child“. Astrology is without doubt a great helping hand.

The natal chart is the exact position of the planets and constellations at the moment of birth. Every one of us is unique. The chart gives valuable information about personality traits, including

  • Talents & gifts  
  • Emotional needs 
  • Temperament
  • Perspectives of development
  • Fears & blockages
  • The relationship with the parents 
Children birth chart

I will use my experience, insight and intuition to treat the analysis of a child’s horoscope with great sensitivity, care and respect for the parents as well as for the child. I also add numerology into the reading, as I believe it to be a wonderful complement with astrology. I focus mainly on their Life Path Number.

Take advantage of this offer, and buy a personalised Birth Chart.

The parent or person will get an online video call of 60 minutes via Zoom or Skype, that lasts around 60 minutes. I also offer all my notes written in a lovely PDF document to be printed in color.

You will need to provide me with: date of birth, hour of birth and city where the child was born.


“Claudia’s reading was clear, concise and great. The challenge was difficult, to make a birth chart for twins, but it was 100% correct. Professional and very good, highly recommended!” ‘Montse Vaquero’

“Claudia did an astrology chart for my twins who are nearly 18. It was so insightful and accurate, I was totally blown away.It has been a really beneficial parenting tool and has definitely given me valuable insight and clarity on the past and importantly moving forward. Plus she is such a lovely person who really took her time to talk through the chart in detail which was just such an valuable experience. Want the whole family to have one done Thank you so much for everything.”  ‘Charli Rees’

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Be You, Be Unique, Believe in Yourself.
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