Energy Healing in London

Receive a powerful energy healing session to help you shift, heal and transform
(in person or online)

online energy healing

With my Energy Healing sessions I can help you shift, transform and connect with your own intuition, so you can have more clarity and take better decisions in your life.

• Are you going through a period o transition or transformation in your life?

• Do you feel you need support to guide you in a challenging time?

• Do you have negative thoughts and self sabotage?

• Do you feel oversensitive and vulnerable around others and their opinions?

• Do you keep repeating the same patterns on relationships?

• Do you have issues with self esteem and self worth?

• Do you feel disconnected from your true purpose?

• Do you even know what your purpose is?

  • You were born to thrive, to be free, to be empowered and live aligned with your truth. I can help you find this freedom, resolution and self-love.
  • We all need support and guidance in our lives. Sometimes we just need someone to listen. Support is specially important when we are going through a transformation or big changes in our lives on a personal or professional level. That’s why my energy healing sessions can help you make that transition more smoothly.

    Often we feel we want to change our lives, and we don’t know how or where to start. However we have a voice telling us to do so. This is the voice of intuition and inner guidance. No matter how much we ignore it, it is there to help you and will keep on insisting until you listen.
  • What can you expect from my Energy Healing sessions?

The tools I use for this session are the power of my intuition for clear insight and guidance, oracle cards and astrology. For the healing I use reiki, voice sound healing, crystals, sacred drums and energetic transmissions, to clear away any blockages and dense energies your energetic field and bring you back to balance.

I also use guided meditation and gentle hypnosis (very deep relaxation method) to get you in that calm and relaxed state. You are fully awake, but this way we can access your subconscious mind more easily.

I create a safe space and sanctuary for all my clients, making sure they relax and find within themselves the peace and calm needed in order to work and begin their healing journey. Grounding is very important when comes to healing, and I take great care, making sure I hold space in a calm, protective and nourishing way.

Healing is an ongoing process. There is no quick fixes. Some negative patterns are deeply embedded in our subconscious, and they require work, time and patience. However the great news is that all traumas and blocks can be gradually healed, and recognising what haunts you is already big step towards healing & liberation.

My intuitive work consists in:
• Practical and clear intuitive guidance
• Inner child work (getting in touch with your inner child for deep bond & healing)
• Shadow work (Subconscious exploration & healing)
• Energetic cleanse & activations (cleansing and activating the seven main chakras)
• Cutting chords (removing energetic chords from previous relationships and past)
• Intuitive oracle reading for extra guidance & support on your healing journey

Why you should have healing with me:
I suggest you trust your intuition and take the leap into your inner healing journey.
There is no better investment than own well being, emotional and spiritual health.
This allow us to grow and flow through life and helps us make better decisions.

In my space I offer you gentle but powerful healing that will bring transformational shifts into your life, I will at all times hold your hand and walk right beside you, making sure you feel safe and protected.

My Energy healing sessions can be done online or in person. I offer sessions in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Special price!
Only £111 for 75 minutes session (Normal price £155)

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