Birth Chart Reading & Forecast

I offer readings in English, Spanish and Portuguese language.

Unlock your potencial with an Astrology reading & forecast.

The astrological chart represents our unique wheel at our moment of birth, displaying the exact position of the planets under the Zodiac constellations at our moment of birth.  I will make an in-depth study of your chart which includes very valuable information about your personality, your talents and vocation, your compatibility for intimate and professional relationships, your possible obstacles and difficulties in your life and how to overcome them. Includes numerology reading and current transits & progressions and I include a research on the Moon nodes (karma & spiritual life lessons),

My aim is to unlock and deliver information that will be precious to you and your life journey in a practical and grounded way. I will also prepare a forecast for up to 12 months, what events, developments and energies are coming for you in 2023. What is being activated and what’s about to manifest. I will also include your personal numerology, both life path number and Personal year number.

For this work I need your full birth details, ex: day /month/ year/ exact or approximate hour and location/ city.

Invest in yourself and starting mapping your unique journey with more awareness, positivity and above all a deep understanding of who you are.

Price:€195 NOW €149
(Reading are online) 90 min live reading (reading will be recorded)

Tara Alexander – Spiritual Mindset Coach – UK
Lauren Pearson – Meditation Teacher & Intentional Life Coach

“My reading with Claudia was absolutely amazing!
I was blown away by the insights that she provided.
She is so knowledgeable and has such a lovely energy.
Thank you again Claudia!”

Laura Pearson, UK Coach, Writer, Minimalist


Claudia is an exceptionally talented astrologer. In addition to employing her skills learned from years of study, she applies her own powerful intuitions and spirit in every reading. I would recommend her to anyone, especially to those who are skeptical on the subject, as i once was.

‘Tim Alguire’

Claudia is a wonderfully talented and intuitive astrologer. Her readings have helped me in so many aspects of my life. Her guidance has been incredibly precious and valuable, I thoroughly recommend her.

‘Sofia Wagner’

Immensely astute and detailed approach by Aurora, delivered in an interactive and professional manner.  Aurora is gifted and her detailed analysis with regards to numerology and astrology has enhanced my understanding of myself.  I have found that this has been especially helpful to guide me and understand various life blocks and traps that I had previously not understood.I would highly recommend Aurora to anyone who wants to understand themselves at a deeper level.”

‘Alia Ali’

I did the natal chart, forecasting and numerology reading. I can recommend it to anyone who is curious to understand themselves and their character traits more and what natural conditions one may have in life according to astrology. I gained some aha experiences and insight into how to navigate things in my life for some time to come.

‘Johanna Nordlander’

My reading and chart with Claudia gave such great insight and it was amazing how she just ‘knew’ me.I chose to go with the ‘whole package’ and it was very worthwhile – opening further information as to why/how I not only react to things but also ways of understanding myself better and choosing how to react in future, so if you are considering a reading, I would say, go for it!

‘Alisa Winder’

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