Are you going through an awakening, transformation or feeling lost and need powerful, intuitive and practical spiritual guidance?

Do you want to step into your power with more confidence, aligning with your life purpose?

Do you need help and guidance to go through this change?

Goddess astrology

Awakening your Inner goddess is life changing, empowering and transformational at all levels of your life.

Transform yourself with a intuitive unique and powerful mix reading of classic western astrology & the mythical Goddess archetypes.

By looking deeply into your birth chart I can discover which Goddesses archetypes rule your birth chart and psyche and what needs activation, healing and integration. Which energy you must nurture and embrace at this stage of your life in order to feel whole, centred and powerful and bring the Goddess magic spark and light that will transform and align you to your Divine truth and Divine purpose (Dharma) in this lifetime.

Clients Love (Meta Hoarau)

Sarah Flynn

“I absolutely loved my session with Claudia. Throughout my whole chart and her reading I felt like she knew me inside out. Everything was super aligned and totally on point.”

— Sarah Flynn, Womb & Divine Feminine Healer

What can you gain from this reading?
Goddess Astrology will help you uncover your unique talents, gifts, character traits, potential strengths and weaknesses as well as your unique abilities from an astrological point of view. This interpretation is compiled for you individually and is based on the exact date, time and place of your birth.
This reading will bring you a deeper understanding of both the light and shadow patterns that exist within you, which can both lead to a magnificent healing and transformational journey in your life.
Not only I will offer a comprehensive reading and forecast for the next 6 months, a live Goddess activation meditation that will give you practical advice on how to best activate and integrate this Powerful Divine Goddess energy to help you to manifest miracles and transformation in every area of your life.
You are divinely protected at all times, and once you understand the power that lies within you, you are forever changed

With this reading you will feel supported, safe, grounded, lifted, empowered and ready to step into the next phase of your journey. Learn more about the Goddess here.

As you meet your archetypal Goddesses in this magical journey, each one will reignite the ancient feminine wisdom, power, and gifts that have always been within you.

INVESTMENT: €239 now €189  

Note: I offer readings in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

You will get a 120 minutes session:
– Live Goddess Astrology reading via zoom or in person
-Live goddess activation (powerful energetic transmission to help you heal & shift)
– Intuitive oracle reading & practical advice for integration
– Audio recording of the session, oracle & goddess activation

The goddess is calling you, can you hear the soul whispers and intuitive nudges?
It’s time to leap! It’s time to step into your power sister, the goddess is here with her ethereal wings to take you on a flight into your most sacred place, your own divine self!

Claim your power now and take flight! The world is waiting for your light and your gifts.

Goddess Astrology with Claudia Aurora

My Goddesses Reading with Aurora was Amazing, I got a new perspective of how I can embrace life with more kindness and release what’s not mine to hold 🙌
I also got a goddess guided meditation that was very important for confirmation later 🌺
I Totally Recommend Claudia Aurora Astrology to see ourselves more deeply and to expand our sacred and Divine Consciousness ♥️🙌

Diana Veloso
— Diana Veloso, International Certified Coach, Portugal

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