Which Goddesses are rooted within you?

Goddess astrology

A freedom loving Sagittarius Artemis?
A sensual and pragmatic Taurus Aphrodite?
A motherly and protective Cancer Yemanja?
A deep and powerful Scorpion Lilith?
I discovered a new depth of understanding results, when the two combined forces of astrology and the Goddess consciousness archetype are taken together. The two proved binocular vision into the psychology of women influenced by powerful inner forces, or archetypes who can be personified by the Goddesses and the natal chart combined. As we are a combination of both our inner and outer worlds, outer forces, like the patriarchy society, religion as well as the early conditioning can repress and diminish our divine feminine power but at same time can also awake and reenforce some positive Goddess patterns like the warrior to fight and break free. With this advanced and unique method, I’m able to discover which Goddesses are aligned with your heart and soul and which Goddess is operating at this stage of your life, calling you for healing and integration, this is normal activated by transits and progressions in the natal chart.

I work mainly with 15 Goddess Archetypes, and they are:
Artemis – Goddess of the hunt and Moon
Macha – Goddess of war, abundance, protection and prosperity
Aphrodite – Goddess of sensuality, pleasure and feminine power
Butterfly Maiden – Goddess of rebirth, transformation, freedom, balance & fertility
Demeter – Goddess of earth fertility, harvest and nature
Rhiannon – Goddess of the heart, creativity and confidence
Hestia – Goddess of purity, boundaries and spirituality
Lakshmi – Goddess of abundance, prosperity and Love
Inanna – Goddess of eroticism, sensuality and the underworld
Brigid – Goddess of music, creative inspiration, art and divination
Kwan Yin – Goddess of compassion, healing and purity
Yemanja – Goddess of the Sea, womb wisdom, fertility, creation and Moon cycles
Lilith – Dark Goddess of the freedom, equality, pleasure and sexual freedom
Sige – Goddess of silence, contemplation, stillness and clarity.
Kali – Goddess considered to be the Master of death, time and change.

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