Capricorn Season 2021

Welcome to Capricorn Season 2021.
22th Dec/20th Jan.
Capricorn is by nature a reserved, grounded, serious, ambitious and very hard working sign. I call the Capricorns ‘the builders’, the ones that work very hard with commitment and discipline towards a goal. So my advice under this season is to plan, use this time to think what would you like to build for your self or for others, think about your ambitions and not only material ones, it can be working towards the development of an ideal, relationships, deepening your consciousness, or to get physically fitter or healthier, the choice is yours.

We know that in order to manifest we need to plan and slowly start working towards it with discipline and endurance. Be ambitious but be aware that ‘Rome wasn’t build in a day’, good things take time, and Capricorn teach us the value of a good solid foundation, the base and structure is very important in order to support and maintain the ‘building’ and off course the keyword that blesses this sign is “PATIENCE”.

One thing to be aware is that Capricorn energy is also quite traditional, reserved and cold, it’s important through winter season that we make an extra effort to be kind and to show our sentiments and emotions to loved ones, and we have Christmas to show our love and appreciation, even under strict conditions duo to Covid. 

So my advice is:

Make that list, meditate as much as you can from today, focus on what you wish to manifest and work towards in 2021 and answer your self this questions?

Where do you want to be professionally by the end of 2022?

What’s your long term goal?

What do you need to release in order to start afresh?

How can you be more disciplined into working towards your goal?

Which fears and limitations are holding you back?

Which transformation you want see in 2022?

We all have Capricorn in our personal charts (some stronger, some weaker, but nevertheless it’s there) and it’s influence its felt in the house (area of life where which Capricorn occupies) This adds another dimension into it’s personal influence, and that is what astrologers can help to decode.

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Happy Solstice & Festive Season to All

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