Room with a view

Why are you deciding to close yourself between four walls and a ceiling? When you know outdoor space is where you can experience the bliss, the freedom and the unlimited source of inspiration. If you wish to be locked inside, we invite you to go deep within yourself and explore every little corner of your soul, so you can understand how powerful and mysterious and formidable you are.

The flowers need the light to bloom and so do you, even if that means to bath under the moonlight or the shining beauty of a single star, that tiny sparkly pearl in the sky is as unique in size and beauty as you are. It loves to shine, because it’s her mission and her destiny, to illuminate the dark sky with hope and delicacy.

Shine your light & your colour. You are magical, unique & incomparable.

When you’re inside the four dense walls of pessimism or negativity, try to draw a window, so you can find faith and a different perspective every time you look through it. A room with a view holds magic and power, because it breathes, it expands and receives life and light. The four walls of your heart also need this light, this breeze, this hope to feel happy, joyful and soulful again. To feel love and gratitude, your heart needs to open to Love and divine guidance. We invite you to open a new window and receive fresh opportunities, new views and new beginnings. This way a new dawn will rise in your heart alongside a new expression, a new passion and a new way of feeling, being and living. This view will awake your inner compass of intuitive power and wisdom.

Grasp your painting brush and draw that window now, you can paint it any color you want, and you can change the colours too, everyday or every week, because there infinite possibilities for your soul to expand, and grow, to feel, to see, to seek.
Keep walking ahead, don’t look back at what should have been or the past failed possibilities, that energy expenditure is anchoring you to a memory of sadness and bitterness. If you look back, look at the celebrations instead, at the fruits your harboured and the beautiful seeds oh hope you planted in so many peoples hearts.

Each single step of the way we are with you, in invisible form, trying our best to keep your mind positive, so you don’t fail to recognise the opportunities that bless your day and your future.

Open that window now, see how far you came, and how much growth you experienced and now that you’re aware of the infinite forces that lies within you, you are unstoppable. You’re co-creating your future with the best assistance one can ask for, the divine force of Abundance. Open that window now, let the sunshine in, let your flower bloom and shine its light and beauty to others who are still sleeping or in pain.
Sprinkle your magic over them, teach them how to open the window of their own hearts, so they can invite to themselves, the infinite and loving possibilities the universe has to offer. With Love from my heart to yours.

Aurora 30.11.21

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