El Nido de tu mente – mensaje canalizada

¿Cómo alimentas tu mente? ¿Qué anidas en ella?

¿Te tomas tiempo para descansar y hacer una pausa, para recargarte o simplemente para ESTAR?

Nuestra mente se desboca cada día, saltando de un pensamiento a otro, y a veces alimentamos los pensamientos positivos con mucho cuidado, pero la mayoría de las veces damos grandes festines de energía a los pensamientos oscuros. ¿A cuáles alimentas más? ¿Eres consciente de los patrones?

Multidimensional healing

It’s amazing how powerful our souls are and how we are able to heal and help others on a multidimensional level. When I started offering long distance healing,

The Wild Woman Within

She knows without knowing how she knows, but once she feels, that’s her ultimate truth! The wild woman is both sweet and fierce, compassionate but powerful! She’s here with her divine bridge widely open, eager to help you cross into your true essence, and once you awake her from the long dormant sleep, things will never be the same again dear one!

The Soul Speaks Through The Heart

The soul speaks trough the heart in great tenderness.
It whispers soft sweet words like gentle raindrops of honey, descending from heaven as blissful messengers of hope. You stand outside, with your arms wide open to receive and embrace the ancient whispers from spirit and from within your own soul.

KOTE-Keepers of the Earth

Obviously with new beginnings comes confusion, pain and death. Letting goes of old crystallised forms of being it’s not easy and requires great courage, strength and humility. In my case I have been through a huge transformational 3 year period, peeling layers of expectations and what I thought I was meant to be or become, my ego somehow was in charge with the limited perspective of creation, expression and possibility. But I feel rising from the ashes with a new power, new song, new vibration and a new purpose and direction.

Room with a view

To feel love and gratitude, your heart needs to open to Love and divine guidance, so we are inviting you to open a window for new opportunities, new views and new beginnings, a new dawn rising in your heart, a new expression, a new passion and a new way of feeling, being and sensing.

Moon Child Goddess

Moon Child Goddess, Awake dear child and fall deeply into my armsThey are sweet and they are tender,Yet fiercely protective.My womb gives birth to new worlds, new springsNew strength and new forms My heart is filled with motherly compassionWhen I pour my nourishing watersAll over your body, your mind and your soulI wash away andContinue reading “Moon Child Goddess”


Greed is the enemy of abundance, when you walk through life with the palm of your hands open, ready to share the gifts that you bring into the world with love and generosity, other palms will open to join in and to blend in exquisite exchanging beauty

The touch of the Goddess

ou are part of the sacred heart tribe, and that fire that burns inside your soul is the same fire that burns inside mine, is whats make the wheel turn and the seasons to change. Give me your hand, lets fly away and lose ourselves is this vast field of roses that is emerging within yourself. Don’t be scared to fly, and don’t be scared of the darkness, the owl pierces the night with great intuition, and so do you, your torch lies in between your eye browns, that is where great power resides and in the sacred waters of your wonderful womb, is where you give birth to the most fertile dreams.


Embrace the season and the reason why you are walking this path, yes, we know the transparency power of the Spirit might at times feel intangible and abstract, but then, look at the sky, covered in the most magnificent colour rays. Can you touch this colours?No you can’t, but you can feel them, and getContinue reading “Transformation”

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