The Soul Speaks Through The Heart

The Soul speaks through the Heart – Inspirational writing by Claudia Aurora

The soul speaks trough the heart in great tenderness.
It whispers soft sweet words like gentle raindrops of honey, descending from heaven as blissful messengers of hope. You stand outside, with your arms wide open to receive and embrace the ancient whispers from spirit and from within your own soul.

You ground them into your body, your feel so alive that your radiate happiness and gratitude.

YOU feel peace, you feel calm, your feel a deep connection, and even tough you can see a storm approaching in the far away skyline, you remain calm and patient because you are centred in your being and in divine synchronicity with All That Is.

 All of your body is illuminated by the force of Love.
The warm fragranced wind gently caresses your skin and your sensory ears open, to receive the sacred sounds and messages from afar, remind you everything is interconnected, reminding you there’s no separation when comes to the heart…. there’s no past, present or future in the heartbeat of the sacred.

We hold hands in the distance, as a large vast community, we all say a prayer with intent, intent to bring more light, more soothing healing and more grace into this planet. Intent to make this bridge a safe passage to every being, to every soul, to every life.

Your hair dances with the wind and your throat hums a melody that reminds you of home, the ethereal and eternal home of your truth and essence, your origins, your never ending ocean of stars, your home of galaxies and ancient worlds, all alive within you, in every cell of your body now deeply relucent, awakened to a deeper truth & reality.

Things will never be the same again, and this is how it’s supposed to be.
Keep moving forward dear child, we need your spark of light in this world, we need your torch, we need your presence to ignite and awake others into their truth, into their essence, into their gift.

Surrender to the call and just let yourself be held by the divine love of Spirit.

With Love,

Claudia Aurora


The Power of light & Love – Claudia Aurora

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