The Soul Speaks Through The Heart

The soul speaks trough the heart in great tenderness.
It whispers soft sweet words like gentle raindrops of honey, descending from heaven as blissful messengers of hope. You stand outside, with your arms wide open to receive and embrace the ancient whispers from spirit and from within your own soul.

Welcome to Capricorn Season!♑️

December 21- Solstice and Great Conjunction 2020 Happy New Era! Today marks the beginning of a new era and a new “Earth”🌎! Today is a powerful day, we have the Winter solstice, Capricorn season and the Great Conjunction in Aquarius!! Wow!! Bring it on, the change and the motivation to get us started. This isContinue reading “Welcome to Capricorn Season!♑️”

The Great Conjunction 2020

Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius – 21st December 2020 This year is being so far a huge rollercoaster emotionally, physically and spiritually. Each one of us has experienced loss in some sort of way, and seems like things are definitely changing, perhaps for the best, but before we reap we need to sow and beforeContinue reading “The Great Conjunction 2020”

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