New Moon in Scorpio – Solar Eclipse 2022

New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse 2022

Todays New Moon in Scorpio marks the beginning of a powerful season and it’s a huge opportunity to let go once and for all of those hidden skeletons in the closet of your mind, body and soul, literally speaking.

I truly advice you find some alone time this week to reflect on those dead dark emotions, relationships, projects that keep deeply haunting you and paralysing you in fear, self sabotage thoughts and emotions, this is because the New Moon is in conjuction with Venus (relationships, self value, love, beauty) and also squaring Pluto (ruler of Scorpio, known for the God of the Underworld and the most powerful planet to help with purging, healing and transformation.

Find some time to journal and meditate and dive deep into your dark pool of fears courageously by entering both your conscious & subconscious mind. This month will be a very powerful month to receive deep energetic healing, but only when you decide you want to move on, into the next chapter of your life, feeling much lighter, clearer, positive and more aligned to your inner truth.

You can seek a a counsellor, coach, teacher, energetic healer or whichever you feel intuitively drawn into to at this stage. If something or someone from the present or past has been dragging you down internally and externally (mind, body & soul), now it’s the time to call the power of the divine light swords to help cut loose those chords that keep you captive and prisoner.

It’s time to PURGE, to HEAL and LET GO of those rotten grudges and emotional, physical and material attachments that no longer serve your life path, that no longer resonate with your growing, vibrant and aspiring spirit.

Now its the time to break FREE, use this month energy of water & fire to help you release those old weeds from you wild and sacred garden. Soon the seeding season will arrive with the magical force of fiery and positive Sagittarius to help you enter new ventures and expansive opportunities by end of November.

Too book a healing session with me enter here.


• Sit down and journal your darkest emotions
• Acknowledge what you must let go off
• Create clear intentions for deep healing this Season
• Face your inner demons with courage
• Trust you are being help by powerful divine forces


• I let go I let go of all that no longer serves me and my spiritual growth
• I surrender to this purging phase with determination & trust
• Darkness forms part of life & my human experience
• I let myself feel deeply
• I honour my moments of solitude
• I am protected
• I am safe

Trust your process – New Moon in Scorpio Solar eclipse 2022
Claudia Aurora

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