Womb Healing Ceremony in Anahata – Barcelona

Hello beautiful woman,

I would like to invite you to participate in a powerful, healing & transformative
Womb Healing Ceremony in Barcelona.

The ceremony will be held on Saturday 26th November – 17:00 to 20:00 under the New Moon phase and Sagittarius season @ Anahata.

Perfect day to receive deep healing, guidance and light from the Divine Mother. This ceremony is to help you unlock your divine potential and authenticity and help you heal ancestral trauma & wounds that keep you captive in negative patterns that no longer supports your purpose or vision for this lifetime. A ceremony fully dedicated to purify your divine portal, your WOMB, the cave of dreams, creativity, pleasure & sexuality.

Womb Healing Benefits:

Tap into your creative power to manifest your dreams

Experience more confidence in birthing creative projects 

Discover your true voice & authenticity

Discover an unshakeable self-love and self-worth from within

Heal trauma from your feminine ancestral line

Experience less fear around giving birth to both creative projects & babies

Living from a Healed Womb Opens the Door to:

Better boundaries 

Feeling more confident and powerful

Attracting healthier love relationships

Discovering a deeper connection to SOURCE and your ability to manifest

More sexual pleasure & creativity in your life

The time to shine in Authenticity in NOW. Claim it and answer the call of your heart with no fear or self sabotage emotions.

I‘m an intuitive channel for the Divine Feminine, In my womb healing ceremonies I channel Goddess Yemayá, water goddess of deep emotional healing & purification of the Womb, Goddess of the Moon, Ocean, Dreams, Fertility & Grant wisher

When the Sacral chakra is healthy, healed and activated, you will be able to source great energy for creativity, movement, procreation, desire, pleasure and healthy relationships. You will be able to express your wants and needs in relationships. Pleasure, authenticity and creativity will be a priority in your life.

Join me and experience a blissful connection with this Magical & Nourishing Mother Goddess and prepare your womb to receive her miraculous medicine.

Price: €44

Please book you space by contacting 611001133
To pay please use BIZUM or direct bank transfer ES76 0049 3179 1120 1410 2721

Spaces are Limited, please book in advance

Thank you x

Womb Healing Ceremony Barcelona – Anahata 5th October 2022

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