KOTE-Keepers of the Earth

Music as always been part of my life and ever since I remember singing forms part of my nature. I’ve worked as a professional fado singer for 12 years and before that, sang in numerous music projects and explored and expressed my voice in many, many beautiful and inspiring ways, but at the beginning of 2022 a new voice & expression emerged, fresh, exited and somehow more aligned with my soul purpose and Dharma.

Obviously with new beginnings comes confusion, pain and death. Letting goes of old crystallised forms of being it’s not easy and requires great courage, strength and humility. In my case I have been through a huge transformational 3 year period, peeling layers of expectations and what I thought I was meant to be or become, my ego somehow was in charge with the limited perspective of creation, expression and possibility. But I feel rising from the ashes with a new power, new song, new vibration and a new purpose and direction.
I feel totally aligned with my musical mission to bring healing, beauty, peace and spiritual activations into the world. KOTE (Keepers of the earth) was born this month, a new project, fully dedicated to offer healing services and music to the world.
(more news soon)

After experiencing huge amount of shifts, activations and synchronicities we decided to initiate and take grounded action and baby steps towards the manifestation of this vision, and the story behind it it’s extremelly magical, inspiring and in divine timing.

Our seed is being nurtured with loving thoughts, hope and care, but already feels incredibly powerful when and after SO much inner work, healing, spiritual dedication & transformation, you come to the clear realisation and acceptance of who you ARE and what you came here to do, in our case KOTE is aimed to help birthing a new world into being, to help raising consciousness, to bring peace, healing and spiritual awareness to humanity. To be a bridge between the earth and the divine, to bring Goddess consciousness into the masculine world, to soothe and to nurture the souls of those who call for HER wisdom, grace and ultimate Love.

Listen to our first healing song HERE

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