The Wild Woman Within

The heart of the wild woman beats fiercely under a rubble of fear and ancient conditioning. She lives under the soil of the woman’s soul in seed form, ready to sprout into the light when the time is right!

She might at times emerge during the night, when the full moon shines bright or when the owl sings its song.

She will give signs of her magical presence once you acknowledge her, once you trust her guidance and her love, once you realise she resides deep inside your heart, in the oceanic depths of your womb, the feminine portal of all mystery and power!

The wild woman is made of stardust and cosmos and at same time she’s deeply rooted to Mother Gaia, from where she extracts the nectar, inspiration and nourishment for her human existence.

The wild woman patiently waits for you to start digging HER out of your depths, out of the darkness. She awaits to blend and to become a conscious part of your everyday life.

The wild woman is made of ancient wisdom, yet pure, innocent and virgin at heart! The wild woman is deep, wise, mysterious and sensual! She knows her intuition it’s her most precious and powerful gift into this world.

She knows without knowing how she knows, but once she feels, that’s her ultimate truth! The wild woman is both sweet and fierce, compassionate but powerful! She’s here with her divine bridge widely open, eager to help you cross into your true essence, but remember, once you awake her from the long dormant sleep, things will never be the same again dear one!

Your light will shine so fiercely bright and you will see and perceive with such clarity that only those who respect your gift and power can stand by your side, and then, indulge in the most exquisite feast and rare orgasmic beauty!

The wild woman has arrived with her power and enthusiasm, with her large pair of mystical wings, ready to take you on a special flight, into the most precious far away lands of you dreams, to explore the secret caves of your soul and your divine feminine power.

She’s here, to help you awake your dormant connection to the Sacred Feminine and the Great Mother Goddess! To call you back home to your true authentic self and divinity.

Hold tight, breath deeply, feel Her call in your heart and don’t resist any further!
Your time to shine has arrived!

Claudia Aurora
December 2022

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