Goddess Artemis & Sagittarius

Artemis the Guardian Goddess of Chastity, Moon, Hunt, Nature & Animals.

Artemis like Sagittarius, represents the free-spirited woman who makes her own choices and seeks freedom and independence at all times. She choses how to live and she creates her own rules. The energy of this Greek Goddess of the hunt and the Moon is found roaming the wild mountains accompanied by her hunting dogs.
She wears short tunic dress so she has freedom to move at all times and she carries in her back a bow and arrows. She’s the protector of wild spaces, babies and children.
She is knows as the Goddess of women in childbirth, and women can appeal to her for an easy labour.

This Goddess archetype is very connected wit the fire sign of Sagittarius, they both share similarities in strength, spirit and needs. Both value their independence faith and freedom above anything else, Sagittarius has great difficulty in being held captive or under any form of emotional of physical control. If you have Sagittarius prominent in your chart or if you are experience a transit or progression that is activating your Sagittarius nature, this is a Goddess archetype to cal upon. Or if you need the courage to break free of past limitations and move into your authenticity and your heart passion, Artemis force can help you letting go of restrictions and limitations the is preventing you from being in connection to your wild heart. Sagittarius rules the hips, and it’s extremely important under this Season to walk outdoors and to exercise as much as possible.

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