Astrology (free) talk in Barcelona

Astrology talk
in Barcelona (free)

Hello beautiful soul,

Discover the power of astrology with Claudia Aurora.
Free Astrology talk on Thursday 27th October 19:00/20:15 featuring Q&A in
Anahata – Barcelona

Are you curious about exploring Astrology?  Going further beyond your Sun or ascendant signs? You are invited to participate in this FREE astrological talk in Anahata – Barcelona to bring you new insights about this ancient and powerful art of symbolic interpretation.

I will be offering you some important insights about the power of astrology and how you can use it for your own development & spiritual growth but also to help understand important dynamics in relationships.

I’m a qualified and passionate astrologer, a journey that started 19 years ago in the U.K. Astrology changed my life in an incredible and inspiring way and helped me understand myself and others on a deeper level and most importantly, astrology has the power to shine a light on your unique mission and path in this lifetime, the gifts, the challenges, the light & the shadows of your personality.

Potential for growth (Jupiter), what we must nurture (Moon) and most importantly what we must learn (Saturn)

Join us on this journey in Barcelona and became fascinated with the depth & power of astrology.

Book in advance – spaces are limited
Please reserve your spot HERE

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