Divine Feminine Sisterhood Circle in Anahata – Barcelona

Divine Feminine Sisterhood Circle in Anahata – Barcelona

Welcome to our new monthly women Circle beautiful Goddess in Barcelona starting Friday 11th November 2022 from 19:00/21:00

A 2 hour nourishing women circle featuring powerful guided meditations,
goddess rituals, sound healing, energetic transmissions & intuitive oracle readings.

Join this intimate sisterhood circle to connect with the Divine Feminine – goddess energy to help you Heal and Rise, because the time is NOW and she’s calling us ALL to shine our light bright.

This is for you is:
If you feel blocked, lost, stuck, depleted or unable to make significant changes in your life, then this is for YOU sister. It’s time to step into your power and authenticity with no fear, shame or self sabotage emotions.

This circle will help you transform into the woman you came here to BE, a powerful CREATRIX of love and dreams. WE will work very closely with powerful goddess archetypes and Moon and Sun astrology cycles. This will involve rituals, chants, breath work, written exercises, energetic transmissions, sound healing, movement medicine and more nourishing surprises….

We look forward to welcoming you in our magical healing sanctuary in Anahata – Barcelona

Please book your space in advance HERE
and follow us on instagram @claudia_aurora_lua /// @anahata_barcelona

Much Love,


Woman Circle Anahata – Barcelona

Awake , heal & transform with the Divine Feminine – Anahata – Barcelona

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