Intuitive oracle & Astrology March/ April 2022

Intuitive oracle & Astrology guidance for end March / April 2022

Hello beautiful,

We just left the amplified Pisces season to enter the brave, fiery and courageous Aries season, but it feels that in order to embrace the new wave of enterprise and new beginnings one must be willing to let go of the old, of what no longer serves our progress, both emotionally, spiritually and physically.

You’re being invited to RELEASE, LET GO in order to create space for the new to enter your life. What is falling away?
What is ending both internally and externally in your world? What’s collapsing? The Goddess is inviting you to SURRENDER, to let it all collapse because something more powerful, magical and meaningful is in store for you and more aligned with your soul purpose, but for that power and grace to be allow in, you must TRUST and accept that change and desintegration forms part of Being and for real growth to take place, one must peel and die a little or a lot sometimes.
Do not fear this changes or collapse, the new season of Aries wants to bring excitement and new adventures into your life, but let’s create some space first and practise some healing. We are currently under the most POWERFUL waning Moon of 2022 which is perfect for deep healing work, rest and prepare ground for the new Moon in Aries happening on the 1st April.

This last week of March you are invited to take some time off for yourself and practise healing meditation, receive Reiki or a holistic massage, read a novel, sleep lots, indulge with an essence oil bath or do nothing at all, be LAZY!
Lazy is cool and necessary this week Goddesses.

Find ways that helps you relax and find your inner peace and do not fear your shadow,
very soon you will see and feel the light*

I share my new song with you, fully dedicated for healing, ritual and ceremony – create sacred space, light a incense and a candle, relax and listen to this song a few times, journal your feelings and emotions SONG

ASTROLOGY- April 2022
On the 12th April Jupiter and Neptune align in our cosmic skies every 13 years or so, but this is the first time they have come together in Pisces in over 166 years. Their meeting in Pisces is arguably the most intense energetic combination as Jupiter is considered the ancient ruler of Pisces and Neptune is considered the modern ruler.
 It is a highly creative energy that thins the veil, allowing us to see or realise things we couldn’t before. The Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces unlock the door to the hidden realms, to viewpoints that have only existed in the shadows or beneath the surface. This energy combination is also a classic signature for spiritual awakening and deep healing.

If you are in a moment of transition and feel the need for support and guidance I can help and hold space for you in many ways, please visit my page with my services.

I will be offering a free online healing mediation with live music on the 12th of April and I will be emailing you very soon with more information about the event.

Lots of love to you,

Claudia Aurora x


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