Circulo de Mujeres en Sant Boi

Este Círculo de Mujeres en Sant Boi creado por Claudia es un espacio sagrado dedicado a la sanación y el empoderamiento de la mujer.

En este espacio seguro e inspirador, profundizamos en nuestro mundo interior para liberar bloqueos, heridas emocionales y espirituales, y aumentar nuestra autoestima y sabiduría intuitiva. Incluye rituales de fases lunares, mediaciones guiadas, transmisiones sanadoras canalizadas, sanación por sonido con voz y cuencos de cristal, lectura de oráculos y degustamos deliciosos pasteles caseros y tés ecológicos preparados por la propia Claudia.

Círculo de Mujeres en Barcelona

En el círculo de febrero trabajaremos con la poderosa energía solar de Piscis (agua) y la Luna creciente en Tauro (tierra). Será un círculo dedicado al chakra corona. Lo activaremos con un hermoso ritual de baño de luz y sonido y también dedicaremos este círculo a crear intenciones para el 2023, porque astrológicamente habrá cambios muy importantes este año, de los que os informaré.

Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces

The energy of this two powerful planets is very intense — so intense, in fact, that it’s the best day of your entire lifetime to practise creative visualisation towards your dreams. Get out that manifestation journal, or just spend the day putting forward the energy you want to receive back from the universe in the future and join us for our live online meditation here to invite stillness, activations and divine guidance towards your life purpose and dreams.

Free Online Meditation with KOTE

You are invited to join us for a online healing meditation with live music from KOTE (listen here) to invite peace, healing and creativity into your life.

The 12th of April its a very special day Astrologically because Jupiter & Neptune will in conjunction in Pisces and this meeting won’t happen again for another 166 years.
This week will be great opportunity to practise healing meditations and to invite into our hearts and souls, divine healing light and energy. The world is going through major shifts and this marks another huge step in the growth and expansion of our colective consciousness and at same time the veil of illusion and separation will be thinner, meaning we will be able to blend and receive spiritual activations and experience huge shifts in our lives.

Womb Healing Ceremony/online

Goddess consciousness is rising. Call you power Now!
The womb chakra is a divine creation point within us.
A connection to the Divine Mother, and a resting place of our soul energy.
This lineage of women wants us to remember that the womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life & Creativity.

Higher Self Meditation & LightSourcing

2.2.22 its a powerful day for you to take a break during the day and connect with your Higher Self & Divine team. To be open to receive love, light, guidance, healing, activations and support. 2.2.22 it’s a blessed day to tap into the life force of the universe in order to be nourished, uplifted and cared for. A day to surrender to the divine power and to fill up your inner well, heart, body and spirit.

Root Chakra Healing Meditation

My next meditation on the 26th January will be dedicated to grounding our body energy to Mother Earth and to activator the Root Chakra/ Muladhara. I will be guiding you through a gentle yet powerful activation to bring forward your strength, focus & motivation.The Root Chakra is the base of our life force energy andContinue reading “Root Chakra Healing Meditation”

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