Womb Healing Ceremony/online


Women Moon circle online with Aurora.
Heal. Awake. Transform.
Join me in this special & intimate online circle, fully dedicated to healing, transformation  & divine feminine empowerment.
I would be very privileged to be your guide on this special & unique day and take you on a journey into your womb for deep release & healing & enpowerment.
On this special portal we will embark on a womb ceremony journey.

Goddess consciousness is rising. Call you power back Now!

If you can’t attend this day or hour, I can send you the recording so you can do the ceremony in your own time and repeat it as many times you wish.
Please allow 2 hours for this session. I will be sending you all the information needed for the ceremony once you book your space.

Please read the information in the following  pages.

With Love,

Claudia x


The womb chakra is a divine creation point within us.
A connection to the Divine Mother, and a resting place of our soul energy.
This lineage of women wants us to remember that the womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life & Creativity.
When a woman receives this Rite she can heal any pain she is holding from her female lineage. It can clear it from her womb and through the lineages.
It can heal the woman who experienced abuse or any other demeaning of the feminine power. Effectively transforming negative emotions, experiences and toxic relationships into freedom and a rejuvenated space for new beginnings.
Join this intimate online circle. experience deep healing,  transformation & enpowernment in a safe, grounded and friendly space.

Awake your divine feminine power

Heal the female lineage/ancestral trauma

Increase your self esteem

Heal childhood trauma

Tuesday 22nd February – Waning Moon in Scorpio at 19:30 ( UK time)


Please book & pay in advance
Sort Code 30-62-96
Account: 42620368

Blessings Sisters*

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