Sun in Pisces 2022

Welcome to Pisces Season 2022. This is going to a very special and amplified Pisces season because both Neptune (natural Pisces ruler) and Jupiter (co-ruler) are also in Pisces which amplifies the energy of the sign and it’s influence over our psyche.

I’m sure most Pisceans Sun/Moon or Ascendant are feeling the pull and expansion to find inner peace, expansion and growth at many levels, but most specially in spirituality and creativity, such as music, painting, writing, dancing etc..

This month is a wonderful time to delve inwards and surrender to day dreaming, to immerse yourself in deep meditations, healing work, journaling, dancing, painting, walks by the river or the seaside, to practise creative visualisation and practise deep compassion for both yourself and others.

The perfect time to let go on any resentments or grudges over past hurts and feel it all going down the flow of the river, invite that deep watery piscean compassion into your heart and find inner bliss.

Meditations to open the crown chakra and the bridge to the divine is also very timely now, the veil of illusion is thinner during these times and we are able to connect with our own divinity a lot easier.

To connect with your higher self, spiritual guides and angels will be easier as well as to receive intuitive guidance, healing and messages for our own development and of those around us. Make sure before you practise grounding and surround yourself with divine white light when you sit down for meditation.

If possible buy yourself a nice Amethyst, Labradorite or Moonstone crystal or jewellery and use it daily for optimal connection and protection. Have salt baths with essencial oils as often as you can, avoid too much noise or stimulants during this month.

The Sun entered Piscean in a lovely calm way meaning no heavy or negative aspects in sight (for a little while at least) and it’s already in conjunction to Jupiter (great benefit), this energy generates a powerful faith in your ability to successfully nurture your goals and your visions. You will be naturally more optimistic, enthusiastic and eager to explore the potential of life, looking to exploit this solar power and Jupiterian expansiveness so you can taste life as deeply and meaningful as possible. Perfect time for the seeker, the seer, the mystic, for the dreamer, creative and the visionary.

Make sure you create plenty of time for yourself over the last few weeks to deeply absorb and implement into your life this vibrant, positive, unique and expansive energy.
Also be aware you might be more impressionable, vulnerable and more sensitive during this times, so protection and grounding is again very advisable. Also practise discerning when comes to easy or doggy schemes for making money fast or easily, be aware of any mischievous people or sellers who might try to abuse you or take advantage of you. Better safe than sorry, with caution this can be a very potent season for transformation and expansion indeed.

Lots of Love,

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