Higher Self Meditation & LightSourcing

Free Healing meditation 2.2.22 at 11:11 (UK Time) Zoom Link is bellow!

2.2.22 its a powerful day of the Year for you to take a break and dedicate part of your day to connect with your Higher Self & Divine team. To open and receive love, light,  guidance, healing, activations and support. 2.2.22 it’s a blessed day to tap into the life force of the universe in order to be nourished, uplifted and cared for. A day to surrender to the divine power and to fill up your inner well, heart, body and spirit.

Your spiritual team is waiting to rejoice with you with great anticipation on this magical day, which in itself its a portal where we are invited to enter and connect with our own magic & power.

I will be guiding on a healing meditation to help you connect with your Higher Self and will guide you through lightsourcing practise in a grounded and safe space.

Apart from the numeric potency of 2.2.22, mercury retrograde is finishing the cycle and this day is aligned with the New Moon in Aquarius which in itself is an amazing day to initiate new phases and welcome new beginnings. This energy will be felt on a collective level but it’s also a great opportunity to place a seed of hope and Light deep within your heart, to awaken your inner power and to connect with the highest expression of your soul, your Higher Self.

When we see the number 2 in a repeated number pattern like 222 or even 2222, this can strengthen the message that the Universe is asking us to think about how our inner world and outer world are connected, and our role as a co-creator. It can also be a sign that it’s time to create a deeper connection in our relationships and in our connection to the Universe around us.

The number 2 reminds us that we are all part of the Universe, and each one of us has an important role to play. It is a reminder that what we do, think, feel, can be a ripple that radiates out into the collective.

I look forward to see you,
Much Love,
Claudia x

Zoom Link HERE

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