The touch of the Goddess

Have you seen how powerful my light is sister? How much joy do you feel when you see your face reflected on the river that is covered with the silver lining of my light? With my force your reflection takes place even in the darkest of the nights.

I give you my power and insight, so much beauty under my blaze, so much beauty under my gaze. Hug yourself and smile, let’s celebrate this reunion. Dance around the fire, ignite your passion and resilience, your womb is so scared but filled with infinite powers and right now, is moving as a snake, the awakening... I pour my ancestral light over you, so you can bathe, delight and release a wild scream. Whats rising on you? which fragrance, which phase or story? What’s falling away?

One must peal the dead skin, one must be brave to die a little in order to create space for rebirth. Holding on to that old side of you, doesn’t serve you any longer, you are destined to fulfil your sacred mission dear sister, the mission that resonates with your soul truth, the mission that fits your little feet perfectly well and we did made you the most perfect pair of shoes to walk this path, but by now, walk around in bare feet, get your toes deep into the earth below you and ground sister, ground.

I have so much to teach you, so much strength, so much love, you will never feel lonely again. Me and the earth are soul sisters, we both breathe and emanate magnetic forces beyond human rational understanding, but what’s to understand? The laws of magic never appealed to the fools. This is the subtle world of feeling, of sacred divine touch.

You are not here to understand, you are here to integrate and to reflect back this light to others, so take my nectar, fill yourself up, and move your body slowly and sensually. Your graceful movements are surfacing one again, sensuality is surrounding you like honey, there’s magic in those movements, it captivates all living nature and all beings with a heart are mesmerised by your beauty.

You are part of the sacred heart tribe, and that fire that burns inside your soul is the same fire that burns inside mine, is whats make the wheel turn and the seasons to change. Give me your hand, lets fly away and lose ourselves is this vast field of roses that is emerging within yourself. Don’t be scared to fly, and don’t be scared of the thorns or the darkness either, the owl pierces the night with great intuition, and so do you. Your torch lies powerfully in between the centre of your eyebrows, this is where your great insight resides and in the sacred waters of your ancient and sacred womb, is where you give birth to the most fertile dreams.

I am here, I arrived, lets celebrate. Bring the wine and I bring the roses.

Aurora 20.09.2021

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