A New Dawn

A New Dawn starts today with a Super New Moon in Aquarius not only this marks the beginning of a new fresh energy, a new dawn for the collective, the Sun is also receiving a beautiful and generous sextile from Jupiter.

For the next couple of days the energy of our Aquarius Sun will be infused with the power, positivity and expansive energy of the most benefic and generous planet in our solar system. So if you have big and bold visions for 2023, make sure you use this benevolent and audacious period to set your goals and create a vision board.

Set you goals NOW, visualize where you want to go or become this year, use this energy to dream, to feel as if it’s alreay manifested and feel it your heart, body and skin. Leave the practical planning for later. Today and the upcoming week should be used to write down and journal daily what and how you want to contribute creatively to the community and society, and how your actions can help shift and heal humanity. After all, Aquarius is always looking ahead of its time, always concerned with the well fare of the people, nature and the planet, its the must humanitarian sign of the Zodiac.

Great energetic shifts will come up with this new Moon and Sun cycle, it will become more apparent over the next couple of weeks, as the Sun digs deeper and deeper into the most original, eccentric and innovative air sign of the Zodiac.

New ideas, progress, co-working, fresh new opportunities and ideas for growth, both on personal and social levels will emerge.✨

Set your goals now, start planting the seeds of your vision with great clarity and enthusiasm!

Dare to be different, eccentric, creative and step into the unknown with faith & trust.

Do some journaling and ask yourself:

How you wish to contribute with your uniqueness to your community & society!

What’s your original plans?

What are you been called to step into?

Your power lies in your weirdness and vulnerability!
Embrace your uniqueness and share your gifts to the world!
We are in this journey together, enjoy the ride and share your love ♒️✨😘

Claudia x

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