Abundance is in the kiss of the child,
Abundance is in the depth of the sky.
Abundance is in the roots of a tree
Abundance is magic and wild

If you look around you,
you see abundance everywhere, 
In stillness, in motion, emotion, hugs and gestures.
We return again to remind you
that deep within your heart
lays a well of infinite abundance, Infinite joy,
Infinite happiness & infinite love.

All you need to do, is to gently access it and little by little start extracting from this deep well all the nourishment you need for your body, mind and soul.

When you look at night sky and you see an infinite blanket of stars, can you feel how generous the creator is, to bless you with such sight?
When you enter then sea and feel the cold waves refreshing your body, can feel how generous nature is to bless you with so much depth and cleanse?

To bring more abundance in to your life, gratitude is what you must practise.
To be grateful every single day for every single breath, every single bite, every single hug, every single step. Abundance is a very big word, huge indeed, and what feels small or little for you might feel big and magnificent to others, for that reason you must always appreciate every little action of effort from the loved ones and strangers towards you.

Greed is the enemy of abundance, when you walk through life with the palms of your hands open, ready to share your natural gifts into the world with love, integrity and generosity, other hands will gradually open, to receive it and blend their palms with yours in an exquisite beauty exchange.
When you walk through life with your hands closed, your will be living a cold and solitary existence, no matter how many blankets you find to cover yourself with, no heat will reach into your heart. The secret is always to share a little bit of yourself every single day of our life, to leave behind a trace of love, compassion and stardust while gently sow little seeds of hope and nurturance, with the aim that one day, trees and flowers will bloom, grow and feed many fellow souls with their fruits, beauty and scent.

Your seeds are unique, your heart is unique, your smile is unique, your journey is unique. Be grateful, always.

Connect with your generous soul, collect the seeds from within and start sowing, we are right behind you plowing, helping with all the maintenance of the heart.

In Love and light,

Aurora 9.10.2021

Channeled words by Spirit

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