11/11 – 11th November 2021

We are in the middle of the powerful and regenerative Scorpio season, and as we are reaching the end of another year cycle, we are being reminded to shed, to transform, to let go, to peel, to feel, to heal, to cry a little or a lot, to not be ashamed of our darkness, desires, past failures, mistakes, these form part of our unique soul lessons. After all we are in this earth school incarnated in a human body to both learn and teach from every little action, emotion, interaction. and relationships.

1111 also reminds us of the great opportunity to start a new, fresh new beginnings in both body, mind and soul as we gradually peel the old skin.
1111 speaks about the power of thoughts and how these affect your life.
Today it’s very important to set new intentions with a prayer or meditation, to journal our deep emotions, to walk bare feet on muddy ground, to connect with both our light and our darkness, as both form part of nature and our consciousness.

1111 invites us to look around with the divine inner eye, to understand we are a divine flame and divinely guided by an unseen team of angels, masters, teachers, ancestors, Goddesses and loved ones in spirit.

We are swimming the powerful underground well of Scorpion waters, and it’s ok to let go and die a little or a lot, it’s ok to feel sad, rage and anger, it’s ok to explode and release!! Only this way one can truly return home to himself and the soul, rebirth from the old ashes off the past and fly free once again like the butterfly out of the cocoon.

Hug yourself, be compassionate and kind in this transition, we are all learning one step at the time, integrating these strong feelings of self power, passion and determination into our new skin, a new phase.

Happy 1111

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