Moon Child Goddess

Moon Child Goddess,

Awake dear child and fall deeply into my arms
They are sweet and they are tender,
Yet fiercely protective.
My womb gives birth to new worlds, new springs
New strength and new forms

My heart is filled with motherly compassion
When I pour my nourishing waters
All over your body, your mind and your soul
I wash away and remove all that no longer serves you

Surrender to the warmth of my caring arms
And wear this new gown with love
The infinity of your soul is calling you to rise
The finite of your body is calling to pause

I wipe all the tears that gently slide down your face
I make sure every single drop drowns in my river
These tears will not be forgotten,
These salted waters are as sacred as the Sea 
They carry deep emotions and stories of wisdom

Release child, release, breath in the gentle light and my sweet nectar
You are called to heal and integrate both your inner light and your shadow
I will paint your naked body under the Moonlight 
I will draw the crescent Moon in your brow 
I will whisper in your ears forgotten songs of ancient mysteries
Your soul will recognise them, because long, long time ago they were sung by you

These songs carry codes of healing and transformation
You will sing each melody like pure honey,
As the flower of your heart blooms, bees will fly towards you.
When you sit in stillness and peace, the sweetness of your words 
Will enchant, transfix and deeply enter the coldest of hearts

If you’re inspired by these words get in touch

Aurora. 14.11.2021

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