The Darkness Within

The darkness within.

Arise child of mine, understand the phases of time and it’s secret whispers. Observe the night owl, it’s not afraid of the darkness, in fact it thrives in it. To get to know one’s light, one needs to know one’s shadow.

One needs to go through moments when the tears of sadness will flow through your face and damp your destiny, yet sweet child, let it flow and let it go. Watch the progress, be patient, be still and be receptive in your own darkest night – it belongs to you only, and it’s teaching you some greater wisdom and emotional maturity. 

One needs to understand that one’s darkness and solitude it’s part of the growth process, it’s part of your purpose, it’s part of being human.

The introspective period of inward observation and inner contemplation it’s in fact important so later you can emerge into the light, and so it is.

Just go within child and you will see that in the mist of your own personal night, a few shining stars will soon shine bright. Hope will expand in that beautiful heart of yours and with the soothing power of your breath you will feel new strength and hope crawling all over you silently. A rebirth into life arises in the dawn, full of wisdom and insight as you emerge stronger and braver than ever before. Your inner eye will see through as clearly as the night owl, it will pierce the veil of illusion and it will once again, share a vivid and inspiring sight. In time you will inspire others with your own unique experience and be a torch to those who can’t exit this tunnel.

Just hold on in there sweet child, remember,  time is wise, your beating heart is sacred and we are here supporting you, lifting you in your own personal journey of growth.

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