♈️Entering Aries 21st March

Along with Spring Equinox, Aries Season starts blooming and marks the beginning of a new astrological year. This is the sign that represents independence, optimistic, passion, courage, competition, strength, confidence but also short temper, impatience and impulsiveness. ♈️🔥

We should feel a wonderful boost of energy and confidence in the next couple of weeks and we should all ride it’s powerful and fiery input with enthusiasm.🔥

Mars it’s is ruler, the planet of fire, desires, passions, war, sexuality, action, aggression and motivation. At the moment it’s travelling through Gemini (sign that represents communication and versatility), so we can feel a desire to fully express our passions in many expressive ways and with great curiosity too. A perfect time to be experimental and to start new activities – also Mars in Gemini makes us fight for our truth and our beliefs with great conviction and courage.🔥

Are you feeling it? The need to be more bolder and more daring. It’s a powerful and combustible combination of air and fire, not a good time to be still, its time to take action, for initiation and to be brave.♈️🔥

Be the initiator, but also be mindful of your energy levels, work wisely with this phase and fight for your vision with conviction and positivity.♈️🔥

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