Super New Moon in Scorpio


Super New Moon in Scorpio ♏️

Sunday 15.11.2020 🌚

London 05:07am🕔 Portugal 05:07am. 🕔Spain 06:07am🕔

🌿Meditation & Ritual best done between the 15th-20th November🌿

This is a good time to let go, declutter emotional baggage, fears and traumas but also a good time to set new intentions, to look ahead and to dream a little (The Moon will be aspecting beautifully the positive, abundant and expansive Jupiter as well in fine aspect with dreamy and artistic Neptune, so let’s allow us a little space for ourselves and do a nice a meditation & ritual to connect with this powerful energy.

Rebirth is needed in order to carry on with hope, strength and positivity. With this Super New Moon we have the universe supporting us to cut away this unwanted chords, habits and pains in order to set us free and to make inner peace. Life is far too short, Karma is a bitch and the lighter we choose to live the better we will feel and flow.

Scorpio also represents sexuality, dark secrets and obsessions.If you have any unresolved issues with regarding any of these, now it’s a good time to look at the evil in the eye, face it and be ready to release it. 🖤

🌞So let’s prepare for it with a simple ritual & meditation🌞

•Put some inspiring music for meditation 🎻

•Light a candle 🕯

•Light an incense of choice

•Pen 🖊 and paper 📝

Sit down for meditation, do some breathing work. Do your prayer, connect and ask for guidance to your lovely ‘team’ above as they always super happy and eager to help, bless them🙏

Be ready to LET GO 🧚‍♂️

🌟Write down anything or everything you want cut out of your life, it can be people, habits, obsessions, addictions, anything that is causing you struggle, pain and is enabling you to progress, make the list as long or short as you wish, just write it with pure and felt intention, be honest with yourself. Afterwards find a safe place to burn the list, and feel it melting away all your fears and unwanted obstacles.🔥

🌟In another blank page, 📝 start visualising what you wish to transform in your life, what do you wish to obtain and achieve, look ahead and imagine yourself in that moment, be allowed to dream as high as you can, visualise your dream, wish clearly and affirm it loudly, write it all down. (Keep this paper in your shrine, or office wall, or anywhere you can see it during the next 4 weeks)


With Love & Light,


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