Scorpio Season

Observation, elimination, transformation, release 🦋

Scorpio season 23rd October to 21st November 2020

The scorpion 🦂 represents this powerful sign, the sign of shedding and regenerative powers. Scorpio is ruled by Planet Pluto (planet of alchemy, evolution and regeneration)We all have Scorpio and Pluto in our natal charts and that area of life is impacted by the Scorpio energy, but let’s speak how this astrologic season affect us all in general.

As the end of the Year approaches 🌧 It is during the Autumn leaves and the short, dark and cold days of November that we are more able to tune and shed what no longer serves us or what we need to release in order to transform to fly a little bit lighter and freer. It’s also time to face our deepest and darkest fears, to put down the mask and face our deepest and realselves. 🎭2020 has been so far a tremendous year, causing us isolation, sadness, fear, solitude and uncertainty.

During this Scorpio season the advice is to declutter any heavy and emotional baggage, the burdens, the weights that we being carrying all over the year.💼This calls for a radical release, to perceive that nothing can stay as it is, that with every beginning theres an end, a death and a transformation. 🦋It’s the ability to let go of things, people, habits, perceptions, judgments and obsessions, whatever we are carrying that is dead weight, must be released.🦋

Advice: Go under the Moonlight 🌝 have a salt bath or shower, write that letter 📝 expressing your grief, sadness and failed expectations, burn it 🔥 release it 🦋 Sit and meditate for 10 minutes a day, invite the light through your heart, sing, cry, scream and release… Don’t hold any longer to unwanted clutter or stagnated emotions, It’s time to move on, time to shed and experience rebirth. ♏️🦋 🦂

With Love & Light 🌝

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