Super New Moon in Libra

Super New Moon in Libra ♎️
Friday 16th October

London 20:31
Portugal 20:31
Spain 21:31

💖Time to set new intentions, renew or attract relationships💖

A Super New Moon only happens when the Moon is the closest to our planet, so lets praise and work with her, and let our wishes be amplified. 🌑
(Moon goes void of course for 12 hours, so set your intentions at least 12 hours after)
This meditation & ritual is best done from October 15-23, 2020.

These next few days is wonderful opportunity to renew & refresh any existing relationships or to set intentions to attract new relationships into our lives.
Libra is all about partnership, romance, balance, equilibrium, engaging and compromising. Also about Beauty & Art.💗

🌞So let’s prepare for it with a simple ritual & meditation🌞

•Put some inspiring music for meditation 🎻
•Light a candle 🕯
•Light an incense of choice
•Pen 🖊 and paper 📝
•Rose quartz stone (love stone)

•Close you eyes & do a prayer 🙏🏽Prepare your pen and paper and hold the rose quartz in one hand.

Start by visualising what you would like to improve in your present relationships, ask yourself and write.

• I’m I giving too much or I’m I giving too little into the relationship?

•What would I like to improve on myself to bring more balance & harmony into my relationship?

• What qualities I would like my partner to improve?


• I’m I worthy of being Loved?

• What positive qualities I would like to attract in a partner?
Write as many qualities as you like.

•Close your eyes and feel as if you already found him/her and you are walking together holding hands or hugging, totally loved up 😍 How does it make you feel? Write all your feelings

Finally fold your wish list and place it under the Rose quartz stone, you can place it on your bedside table, on your shrine or even under your pillow.💖

Trust, believe and be confident.

With Love, Aurora 

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