Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

It’s Mercury retrograde A G A I N 😅 but this will be the final one before the end on this year, so let’s ride this last one consciously. Just take a deep breath….

Mercury goes retrograde today 13th October until 3rd November in the sign of Scorpio, Mercury represents communication and Scorpio (deep feelings, secrets & transformation) I believe this Mercury retrograde to be a wonderful time to embark on some favorite therapy, to be able to express our deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings to someone professional in order to heal and purge, or someone we deeply trust, like a close friend.
A time to delve into deep thinking, to turn inwards, to listen to that quiter voice within, time to reflect (water sign), to rethink, to awake our insights & darkness (scorpio) and to activate that internal compass of intuition.

As we already know and felt previously under past Mercury retrogrades, this is a time where we will experience delays, lost in translation situations, lost emails and parcels, a time where you might feel misunderstood or frustrated, mercury also rules travel and communications, including short journeys, so before you leave home double check that router making sure there no big delays hitting, and finally one more super important piece of advice, avoid signing contracts, traveling, or making serious and big purchases, wait until mercury goes direct on the 3rd November, or make sure you double check all paper work thoroughly before signing any papers. 💒🏠🎡🛳🚁 💒🏠🎡🛳🚁 💒🏠🎡🛳🚁 💒🏠🎡🛳🚁 💒🏠🎡🛳🚁 💒🏠🎡🛳🚁 💒🏠🎡🛳🚁 💒🏠🎡🛳🚁 💒🏠🎡🛳🚁

Apart from Mercury Retrograde, we are also under the influence of Mars retrograde In Aries until 13th November (Mars represents our drives, ambition, ou willing to fight and get ahead with our lives and projects) 
Until it moves direct again, quite likely we are feeling stuck, lazy, enabled to move forward and make things happen, feeling lack of drive and direction, specially around areas of work and romance.

Feelings of impatient, frustration and anger will surface, Mars in Aries asks us to look inside and work on that internal drive, on that internal force, preparing us to move forward to action with determination and clarity once it goes again in November once it goes direct.

With this two personal planets in retrograde and the closer they are the the Sun, the most likely we will feel them in our immediate environment, be mindful and aware of being more volatile, explosive and impatient with your expression and repeat to yourself “This Too Shall Pass”

Obviously some of us will feel this retrogrades stronger than others, it all depends on how these retrogrades affects our individual natal birth chart.

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