Super New Moon in Scorpio

Super New Moon in Scorpio Sunday 15.11.2020 London 05:07am Portugal 05:07am. Spain 06:07am Meditation & Ritual best done between the 15th-20th November This is a good time to let go, declutter emotional baggage, fears and traumas but also a good time to set new intentions, to look ahead and to dream a little (The MoonContinue reading “Super New Moon in Scorpio”

New Moon in Leo ♌️

New Moon in Leo ♌️  18.08.2020 & 19.08.202003:41am – London time04:41am – Barcelona & Oporto  This weeks new moon in Leo asks us for more creativity & fierce focus, self belief and confidence in our natural talents. What are your natural talents?What are you looking to create and achieve this month, this year? Leo if aContinue reading “New Moon in Leo ♌️”

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