New Moon in Leo ♌️

New Moon in Leo ♌️ 

18.08.2020 & 19.08.2020
03:41am – London time
04:41am – Barcelona & Oporto 

This weeks new moon in Leo asks us for more creativity & fierce focus, self belief and confidence in our natural talents.

What are your natural talents?
What are you looking to create and achieve this month, this year?

Leo if a very brave, proud and courageous sign! He stimulates and inspires us, he’s pure impulse, childish and loves attention and a stage. Their dramatic side is emphasised, specially when don’t have the full attention they so must seek and deserve.

The New Moon is a perfect time to honour this little beast, this fiery talented flame 🔥. A phase of new beginnings, new seeds, preparing the soil for a new venture or project. 

Prepare your list, and the small steps that will help you manifest your heart desires.

•Light a candle 🕯 
•grab a pen 🖊 and paper 📝 
•Put some inspiring music for meditation 
•Close you eyes & do a prayer 🙏🏽 

•visualize a flame 🔥 all over your heart and aura, breath in this light, this heat and feel it cleansing and revitalising you. 

•Clear you thoughts and when you feel ready start writing ✍🏽 your heart wishes and desires, think in small creative steps that can help you fulfilling your dreams. 

•think of the Lion 🦁, think of the dark moon 🌑, be true to your self, embrace the new and be open & brave to new possibilities.


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