Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces Ritual 🌕♓️

1 & 2nd September 2020

One of the most sensitive Moons, under this phase influence it’s quite likely you will be feeling over sensitive, more intuitive and it might heighten your emotions 🌺

Pisces is kind, sensitive and very compassionate sign, so under this Moon we are to do a little soul detox, to become more compassionate with our needs and of others.The world is hurting and it’s going though a major shift and slow transformation. We need emotional strength in order to cope with all these social changes, traumas, and fears of uncertainty. In order to be helpful and positive to others we need to take good care of ourselves, our emotional centre, to be grounded and feel safe. Below I prepare a simple ritual for self care, cleansing and letting go.

You need:

🦋A white candle 🕯

🦋A favourite crystal 💎(amethyst, smoked quartz, Moonstone)

🦋Aura Cleansing tool of choice (Palo Santo, white sage or other incense of choice)🌿🌱🍃

🦋Calm meditation music 🎶🧘🏽‍♀️🎵🌊

Sit in a comfortable position, play the meditation music, light the candle, smudge yourself with chosen herbs or incense. Visualise the Moon shining her glory, imagine your self bathing under it’s light and affirm:

” It’s Full Moon, I release which no longer serves me. I release all pain and any blocks that keep me from my connection with the Divine. I cut all cords connecting me to traumas I endured in the Past.

I start new today, under the power of this wonderful Moon in Pisces.I start again, free of guilt, hurt and self bondage that keeps me from manifesting the life I desire. I release Fear, I release Pain, I release doubt. I am Free, I am empowered, I am Magnificent. I trust my soul’s plan.”

In Love and Light, In Love and Light, In Love and Light. 🌕🙏🏽

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