Embrace the season and the reason why you are walking this path, yes, we know the transparency power of the Spirit might at times feel intangible and abstract, but then, look at the sky, covered in the most magnificent colour rays. Can you touch this colours?No you can’t, but you can feel them, and get inspired while gazing at this sacred picture of heavens.

Later on, that picturesque beauty will dissolve and the night sky blanket will again take over, to create new space for other sacred lights to shine. Change is a must my dear,  and things are always changing, transmuting and transforming and you,  us and nature are no exception.

When we invite you for isolation, we are not being selfish by suggesting it, and we do not wish to remove you from your earthly obligations, but stillness is medicine for the soul, the contemplation and devotional practise to your higher self and to the infinite power of the universe,  is the force that inspires you and your earthly mission.

Open up, transform and evolve.

Channeled words . Aurora. 18.10.2021

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