The desert fire

In the deepest desert of my heart, I fill my sky with galaxies and constellations, so bright only my eyes can penetrate in the midst of such darkness.

The song that once filled me up and seeded the wound, is now playing again but softly as an eco, I want to scream, I want to cry as heavy as a tropical rain, flooding and drowning all my fears, anxieties and feelings of incompleteness.

In the desert of my heart I dance naked around a fire, the blaze kisses my skin and inflames a passion and desire so fierce I turn into a blaze myself, slowly shedding away dead skin, peeling and moving as a snake, removing and letting all dead layers fall away, nothing to hide, I’m in complete  raw connection with myself.  My spirit awakes and I emerge from the cocoon of darkness as a bright star, reading to shoot over the mountains. I’m ready to leave behind star dust to feed the earth with seeds of hope, nurturance and Love.

My heart beats so intensely now, I can see a reflection of my face in the fire, its ancient, its eternal, yet at same time, young, pure and naive… Many heads come out of my body, reminding me of a Indian Goddess I can’t name, I spill apart, I break into small little pieces and then from the ashes, from the dry clay I emerge, strong, ready to embark on a new journey, feeling solid yet at same time fragile too.

I understand that under a load of rain, I will melt away, I will in fact disappear, but it’s ok to be gone, its ok to enter the desert of your soul, and to be in perfect stillness while transforming and coming home to yourself.

Aurora, 5th August 2021

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