The Gift Of Vulnerability

‘The Gift Of Vulnerability’

Do you feel vulnerable at times? Do you understand how much of a blessing or curse can this feeling be in your present life? Allow your beautiful self to be open and to be vulnerable at times, allow yourself to absorb emotions and unwanted energies of others at times, only this way you will understand how deeply sensitive you are.

Observe it, feel it, meditate on it. This way you will learn with whom you want to spend your precious time with and with whom you want to exchange your energy with.To be vulnerable is both a privilege and a hardship, this thin skin of yours absorbs so much unwanted energy it can feel overwhelming and exhausting, but yet at same time it has the permeability to let in the most marvellous inspiration, power, healing and insight.

Let yourself be open at times but learn how to effectively protect and cleanse yourself and your sensitivity, understand how it works for better or worse, observe it, write it, paint it, feel it and discharge it every time it creates confusion, sadness and darkness.

This emotion is Ancestral and Eternal, it’s Source, it’s Light, Divine and its alive within you, every time you call upon it. Accept your vulnerability with compassion. Protect it, nurture it, learn from it and Love it, because you earned it and it was given to you as a Gift.

Aurora 8.2.2021

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