Hope – Rise Up

Hope 💙🌱

Don’t cry my beloved child, let me caress you, let me carry your tears in the the chalice of hope, let those drops of gold emotion fall away, I will collect them and will use them to nourish the dry soil of despair.

Those tears are pure, your sadness is pure, blessed emotion in motion, release those fears while we caress you dearest child of mine.

Hold on in there blessed heart, time is wise, we’re not apart. We are here supporting you, hugging you and lifting your loneliness, we are here supporting you in each step of the way. We keep opening the path for you, removing gently all obstacles and replacing them with Love.
Hold on my dear child and don’t forget to smile, open the window and look at the sky, feel it’s infinite wisdom and know you are part of its mystery. 

Allow yourself to dream the most precious horizon, where life grows every single day with the power of light and where hope sets at night, in this space we all belong in sight.

Hold on my dear, we are always near, in the scent of the flower, in the flame of the candle, in the smile of the child, we are around you always, feeding you hope, trust and surrender.

In Love and Light,

Yours truly,  



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