Welcome to the Aquarius Season 2021

Aquarius season 2021

Happy Aquarius Season to All of you♒️

Aquarius Season is going to be an intense time and sometimes volatile too⚡️,so hold on and get ready to embark this journey with an open mind, knowing you are safe and protected always.
Don’t be disheartened by the chaos in the world today, because in order to shift and to change we need to experience chaos, disorder and conflict and even tough things looks stagnant and stale, we are actually progressing really fast.

Aquarius is a very community-driven sign, and turning to our community is going to be key during this season. We need to embrace originality and be open to accept times are indeed shifting and innovation is inevitable and connectedness is part of this progress. Coming to realisation that we are all inter-connected as a huge community and co-dependent of each other is part of this awaknening.

Aquarius also represent freedom, new ideas and individuality, so embrace your own uniqueness and discover in which ways can you contribute to the world or to your community and know you can communicate with the world at any time using technology, that’s another Aquarius blessing.

What to do:

Prepare to shake away the old and nurture yourself with practises than improve your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing like Yoga, Meditation, Thai chi, dancing or any other form of exercise that will activate the circulation on your body and improve your health.

The water bearer is ruled by the air element, so it’s advisable that you take time to focus on your breath, doing meditations that help you improve your breathing teckniques. This will make wonders and will bring calm to your mind and soul. Also when you go outside be conscious of your breathing and try to have as much fresh air as you can this season, even if that means standing on your home window for 5 minutes a day.

Lot’s of Love & Light,

Aurora ♒️💙

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