The Dancer, Goddess of Moonlight..

The dancer dances inside herself and vibrates like a butterfly, with each subtle movement, she release a magical scent. ‘How beautiful you are, under the stage curtain that surrounds you. Your womb is a celestial infinity, a well of vital force. A fire that burns so deep, but at the same time feels like a light breeze flowing in your body.’ In your dancer’s body, the Goddesses whispers and awakes in every inch of your skin, an aphrodisiac aroma that intoxicates and blinds all those who want to dominate you.

The dancer, just like the butterfly, needs to be free, in order to dream, to inspire, to reborn and to create. Don’t retain the dancer, she was born to love freely and to intoxicate the eyes and hands of those who wish to touch her. In the belly of the dancer, there is a volcano, which explodes with sensuality and passion, in this deep ancestral cave, she accesses the power of a magician, a muse of wisdom. You might kiss and hug the dancer, but let her fly, lets her dream her gypsy freedom. Love and celebrate the dancer, and when the curtain of the show closes, close your eyes with her… Let yourself be carried on her wings of the eternal Goddess.’ You are invited to enter the night with the dancer, to light a fire and play music for her.

Dance ballerina, dance, how I love to see you dance.

On your face the moon shines and in your eyes the flame of fire lights up the light of your soul. In your womb, inexhaustible source of pleasure, I reborn and return whole to myself. May this night go on forever, and may I keep the fire and the music burning so you never stop dancing. Ballerina, my dear Goddess of Moonlight, pour your magic, your smile and your gaze upon me. Don’t forget to celebrate what makes you an unforgettable woman. Your art, your essence and your heart beats strong within mine, and in each beat I ascend, transform, obey and touch the sky, surrendered to your light.

Ballerina, my dearest dancer, never, ever, stop dancing.

Aurora 21.10.21

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