Gemini child 21st May-21st June

We are about to enter Gemini Season ♊️ 21st May – 21st June.One of my favourite work a an astrologer is to explore the natal chart of the little ones. I believe astrology to be an incredible tool and immense support for parents to understand the nature of their little ones.

To understand their gifts, talents, challenges and to help them nurture and encourage them to develop their talents and gifts.I observe my own daughter Omara, and I feel she’s very Moon orientated (Moon in Virgo) because she’s super fussy, very tidy, clean, bossy, very observant of tiny little things, can’t stand being dirty and demands her food to be served in specific ways….

But we can also see her Sun in Libra emerging, because she’s very warm and affectionate, loves being around people and it’s quite vain, every time I dress her, she does directly to the mirror and appreciates her clothings (she’s only 3 years old). She loves beautiful surroundings and its quite delicate too.If you wish to have reading with me please follow link below.


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