Taurus Affirmations

It’s Time to connect with mother earth my friends, time to celebrate Spring and nature, time to heal and detox your body and spiritual energy, time to engage with all your physical senses too.

We invite you to walk bare foot over the earth, to practise a ritual where you can engage with mother nature on a deep level. 

We invite you to wear a favourite loose gown, in light colour If possible and to surrender to the magic of the forest, to sing a favourite song and don’t worry if you don’t have a singing voice, she still wants to hear you, she wants to celebrate with you, she wants to establish a beautiful moment of bliss and connection.

The Earth has the capacity to ground, clean and protect you, all you need to do is be there and be still for a few moments, also mother nature loves to hear you speak to her, she loves your wisdom and your funny jokes, and shed’s calling you to establish a firm relationship with her, one of trust bond and pure friendship, she’s an amazing and reliable friend, you can tell her all your secrets, your pains and hurts and she promises to always be there, supporting you and holding you tight in her eternal Green Arms of Glory. 

We invite you to breath in deeply, to let fresh and clean air fill your lungs with vitality, her roots to restore you with nutrients and feed your body and soul completely.

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