Sagittarius season

Welcome to Sagittarius season. 🏹

22nd November to 21st December ♐️

Under the expansive and positive sign of Sagittarius, we start a new season, Sagittarius is mythically represented by the Archer and it’s key words are: the traveller, the truth seeker, the idealist and it’s ruled by Jupiter, the great benefit, that represents expansion, growth, opportunities, beliefs, higher learning, excess, traveling and exploration.

Sagittarius energy is commonly defined as being optimistic, abundant, generous and adventurous, the eternal seeker.Those born under the sign have a restless need for movement, exploration and travelling (body part they rule is the thighs).

They possess a love to discover new philosophies, countries and different cultures and have a natural ability to keep an optimistic view of life. They are also the philosophers and the visionaries of the Zodiac, the ones who always look ahead for new opportunities with faith and an optimistic attitude.

Under this Sun is a good time to set new goals,🏹 To seek new horizons,🌅 to plan a journey or to embark on a new study to further your knowledge and skills,🌱 as we are not allowed to travel duo to pandemic, my advice is to think about how you can keep your arrow pointed in the direction of your vision and your heart. Allow yourself to dream and to have high aspirations, allow yourself to be led and guided by passion, enthusiasm, gratitude and joy and ask yourselves this questions:

What area of your life you would like to bring more expansion?

How can you be more adventurous next year?

Are you been generous with your self and others?

What could you further study to improve and to bring more meaning, satisfaction and opportunity into your life?

What’s your goals for 2021?

⭐️Happy Sagittarius Season to All

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