Moon in Sagitarius

Whats your Moon sign? 🌙

The position of the Moon in your birth chart is one of the most revealing and influential traits in your personality.
It represents the way we emotionally express ourselves, our deep needs, the way we nurture ourselves and others, our conditioning, how we find emotional comfort and release, our temperament, responses and where we find fulfilment at an emotional level.

Today we start with the beautiful and expansive Moon in Sagittarius.♐️

Moon is Sagittarius is the expansive and morally noble minded person. The blindly enthusiastic, optimistic, open minded and independent soul.

A deep need to travel and explore foreign lands and cultures. Difficulty in accepting and dealing with injustices. A restless fiery energy, a need to be on the move constantly, hates to feel trapped and needs lots of freedom and, if not physical, mental. 
Needs travelling, movement & outdoor spaces.
An idealistic moon, very sensitive to criticism but blunt enough to speak its truth.

Ruled by planet Jupiter
Element Fire🔥

Now, how is you Moon manifesting this fiery energy?
Is she receiving support or repression from the other planets? Which house is she operating and manifesting this energy in your birth chart? 

Get in touch.  🌝

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